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标题: 日本新世紀钢琴家佐々木功 Isao Sasaki《Insight》[320K/MP3] [打印本页]

作者: Carnival_07    时间: 2010-2-4 03:39     标题: 日本新世紀钢琴家佐々木功 Isao Sasaki《Insight》[320K/MP3]

【专辑艺人】:Isao Sasaki 佐々木功
【发行公司】:King Records

下过雨后的河畔,徐徐凉风,就在这还持续阴霾的天空之下。这是听过日本钢琴大师佐々木功(Isao Sasaki) 的Insight后,心里浮现的画面。专辑里收录了几首耳熟能详的电影名曲,经佐々木功改编重新演绎,令人有焕然一新的感觉。


01. Always In A Heart
02. My Favorite Things from “THE SOUND OF MUSIC”
03. Sorrow Of Love
04. Butterfly In The Rain
05. Must Say Good-Bye from “IL MALE”
06. A Midnight Waltz
07. Hotel
08. Cinema Paradiso from “NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO”
09. As Time Goes By from “CASABLANCA”
10. Sound Of One Drop
11. 99 Miles From You
12. Some Other Time from “ON THE TOWN”


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